Before you decide to purchase a puppy, make sure to research the breeders carefully!  If you take nothing else from this, I hope at least you remember that.  Ask for references.  Do they own mom & dad, for that matter, have they SEEN both parents (yes, some people dont even meet the sire until the breeding, they are only concerned with a pregnancy)  Look at the parents...this is most likely what your dog will resemble when grown up.  All bulldog puppies are cute...but they grow up.   That cute puppy you couldn't resist may grow up to be a VERY expensive bulldog if health problems arise.  Dont get in a rush when looking for a is worth the time and money to get a pup from a reputable breeder.   That puppy will be a member of your family for 8-12 years! 
Anybody can own a male and female and have puppies-a true breeder takes the time and energy to do the health testing to try to get the healthiest pups possible, research the pedigrees, looking for the right match, and show their dogs to establish their worthiness in their breeding program.
Ask about health testing, dont believe the vet said they're healthy.  Ask for proof...OFA certification, Eye Cerf clearance, thyroid testing, trachea checks etc.  A simple health check from the vet doesn't prove anything.  Most dogs are able to get a health certificate...not until you do extra testing and clearances will you find the true issues.  Remember sick bulldogs can cost thousands to fix.  A good breeder is usually a member of their breeds national club (in bulldogs case, the BCA).  Ask them if they are members.  They will usually try to attend specialty or national shows to continue their knowledge, and see how their dogs "stack up" to the cream of the crop.  Anyone who claims to know everything is someone you should run from.  A breeder should always be willing to learn new things, and spend time seeking out new knowledge. 
Aurorabull Bulldogs
The Daniells

Please note, our puppies go to the homes most suited for them, it is NOT first come, first serve, we have an extensive screening process and require home checks to adopters, we  place all pet puppies on a strict spay or neuter contract, show potential on a coownership basis to protect their wellbeing and to ensure they are not used solely for breeding
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