We breed mainly for our next show dog, therefore we are not first come first
serve.  We have put decades of time and effort into our furry kids and hope
that our dedication as preservation breeders reflects this.

We have earned the AKC breeder of Merit status with our very limited, 4
breedings in over 20 yrs.  Producing many puppies is not our goal, rather,
helping maintain the breed and, hopefully, leave it alittle better after we're

Proud members of the Bulldog Club of America for over 20 yrs

Please note, all our puppies are placed with a strict spay/neuter contract with
limited registration (meaning they cannot be bred)  Show prospects are
coowned to ensure the kiddo's safety.
Before you decide to adopt a puppy, make sure to research the breeders carefully!  
  • Are they members of the Bulldog Club of America (which shows an interest in preserving the breed).
  • Have they performed health clearances?  Reputable breeders use advanced diagnostics to ensure
    they are breeding the healthiest dogs possible, not just a simple vet check.  
  • Look carefully at the parents, all puppies are cute and irresistable-but remember the pups will likely
    resemble the parents.  If the parents are nosey or lacking in substance, likely the puppies will too
    when grown.  I have seen many "bulldogs" that are hard to tell if they are truely bulldogs, or mixed
    breed, even though they have AKC papers.  The papers dont indicate quality per se, (just that
    they're purebred).  Champions in the direct pedigree, (mom/dad/grandma/pa) can be a good starting
    point to ensure your potential puppy will have the breed related characteristics that ensure they look
    like a bulldog when grown.   
Dont get in a rush when looking for a puppy, it is worth the wait to adopt from a reputable breeder.  They
know their bloodlines, they know bulldogs,  and they show their dogs to ensure their dogs are competitive
with other bulldogs nationally. They often forego vacations, instead attending dog shows to see how their
dogs stack up to the "cream of the crop"
Saloo and Kismet as babies!
We may have a breeding in 2019, contact
us for more information